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5 Tips for aspiring Influencers

By Kadence Influencer MarketingPublished on Jun 25, 2019

For those of you that are curious or interested in exploring becoming influencers, we put together a quick list of tips to get you started!

5 Tips for aspiring Influencers

5 Tips for aspiring Influencers

So far, we’ve defined what Social Media Influencers are, and we’ve also taken the time to differentiate them from Brand Ambassadors. But here’s where things get exciting. For those that are curious or interested in exploring becoming influencers, we put together a quick list of tips to get you started!

1.  Convert your profile to a Business Profile: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but we had to include this for those that are building from the ground up, which we love! Doing this allows you to access slightly different features than a purely personal profile. It allows you to track your account analytics and provides you with powerful insights on the performance of your profile and its content. You’ll use this to continually improve the quality of your content by understanding the type of content that gets the highest level of engagement, the times of day that are best for you to reach your audience, the type of audience that your content usually reaches and a lot of other important information.  (Learn more here)

2.  Develop a POV: Quick experiment, take a look at your profile, or even at the profile of a micro-influencer that you admire. Can you tell from just looking at their content if they prefer to drink Coca-Cola, or Pepsi? Are they fast food/takeout type persons, or prefer to sit in and dine? Would they be more inclined to purchase a Toyota or a Hyundai, or Mazda? Would that vehicle be a hybrid or not? Ok, experiment over, and the point is this: If you’re not able to discern a personality or point of view from the content you see, then brands who are scrolling through your page (and they do) can’t either. If they are not able to identify a clear point of view that potentially aligns with their brand, chances are you’re not gonna get that call.

3.  Focus on organic/original Content: Sharing memes and other second-hand content is great but creating original content that reflects your personal brand is even better, after all we all know by now that “content is king”. Learn to take your photo and selfie game to the next level with simple hacks such as cheap tripods and handheld stabilizers. Go a bit further and utilize free services such as Canva to create your own posts. Keep learning and researching, and with a little practice you’ll be churning out content like a pro in no time!

4.  Record your insights/Track your statistics: What good is your data if you don’t record it? Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to export your Instagram analytics. For regular posts however, you can view the associated analytics for up to a year, and filter according to type of post, type of interaction and period of time. All other analytics only last between 7 to 14 days. It would be quite beneficial then to record these analytics even as simple screenshots and then save and organize to your computer. An even better idea is to use the services of a free Engagement Calculator. This will allow you to observe your profile’s evolution over time and provide you with hard data to highlight the strength of your content.

5.  Connect with an Influencer Marketing agency: Have you ever though about who handles the business details, contracts, secures new clients, sponsorship deals etc. for Lebron James, Slick Woods, Rae Sremmurd, or Millie Bobbie Brown? You probably never have, but guess what, it’s usually an agency, music, sports, talent or otherwise. That’s because agencies, such as Kadence Influencers, deal with the business side of things while their clients get the ability to focus on doing what they do best. In the case of influencer marketing agencies, they can negotiate on your behalf to pair you with the right brands as they speak the language of the corporate world (KPIs, ROIs, qualified leads, and sales conversions etc). They can also assist you in acquiring new clients, developing a cohesive brand voice, manage and generate campaign reports, manage contracts, and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your efforts.

We hope you found these tips useful, especially if you’ve considered entering the influencer marketing space or are already an enterprising influencer seeking to grow your audience and engagement. Stay tuned for more articles like this or get in touch and let’s chat!